पीताम्बरी Bagh Print Saree – Morinda roots dyed



Product Bagh hand block print saree (Master piece work)
Measurements Length: 6.35 Meter Width: 45 inches (Including blouse)
Fabric Handloom muslin cotton
Color Bright light yellow and black
Dyes used 100% natural/herbal
Weight 500 grams
Designed by EcoFab (Pushyamitra)
Craftsman Usman Khatri
Place of making Weaving: West Bengal

Hand block printing: Bagh (Madhya Pradesh)

P.S. You may find little difference in original product and picture due to camera quality.


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About Morinda Roots

Bagh Print Saree dyed with root bark of morinda roots a species of morinda tree family. This is a result of constant exploration and search we got a different species of Indian Morinda roots which gives shades of yellow to brownish shade depending upon the age of roots and water quality. 

This yellow color is a result of dyeing with color extracted from root bark of morinda after alum printing done in Bagh print technique.

Morinda Roots 

This is a one of its own kind of work innovated by EcoFab. It is an application of new natural and herbal dye in traditional hand block printing. It required efforts to explore, experiment and executing it into traditional process, it becomes a master piece work.



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