Dabu Print Fine Quality Modal Fabric – 1.6 meter DPM003


Product Code DPM003
Measurements Length: 2.5 meter
Width: 56 inch
Fabric Thin Modal by Modal
Weight 220 grams
Color Indigo
Craftsman Shri Pawan Jhariya
Marketed by EcoFab
Place of making Ummedpura-Tarapur Village (Madhya Pradesh)
Price Rs. 315 per meter
P.S. You may find little difference in original product and picture due to camera quality.

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About Dabu Print

Dabu Print is one of the resist printing styles of hand block printing practiced in various parts of India. A paste comprises of flour, black soil and lime used to print on clothes by wooden blocks then keep it in Indigo blue dye. EcoFab is working with the dabu printers involved in vegetable dyeing of clothes in Tarapur village of Madhya Pradesh.

About Modal

Modal is made from bark of beech tree and is biodegradable in nature like any other rayon fiber or cotton made it environment and skin friendly fabric.

Specialty of Modal fabric:

  1. It remains soft after multiple washes.
  2. Easy to care
  3. It is more comfortable than cotton because it allows skin to breathe
  4. It absorb fifty percent more wetness (sweat) than cotton
  5. It is a color fast fabric
  6. Made from bark of beech tree.


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