Nandana Hand Block Print Bed Sheet 004


Product Description

Product: Nandana Hand Block Print Bed Sheet

Pillow: Available

Technique: Nandana hand block print

Length: 108 inch

Width: 90 inch

Dyes: Semi-vegetable

Colors: Red, Green (Indigo + Pomegranate rind) and Yellow

Fabric: Cotton

Master Craftsman: Jhariya brothers

Craft Place: Ummedpura-Tarapur

Marketed by: Geeta Hand Printers


Nandana Print

Nandana craft of hand block printing only practiced in Tarapur village situated on the banks of Ghambhiri river in Madhya Pradesh. Nandana is having 16 steps going through cumbersome process of printing and dyeing.

Why “Nandana” is called “Nandana”? Banwari Jhariya belongs to the 6th generation of “Chippa” community of Tarapur answered that when hand block printing started by local “Chippa” community in Tarapur they were using Indigo maat or dye tank locally called as “Naand” (नांद) in Hindi.

So from a word “Naand” used for indigo dyeing tank in Hindi and fabric dipped in indigo dye tank multiple times was the reason behind using word “Nandana” for this craft of hand block printing practiced exclusively in Tarapur only.

Specialty of traditional Nandana hand block printing are:

  1. Use of natural colors like alum as mordant to get red with alizarin, pomengranate peel and indigo to get green or black.
  2. Use of fixed 5 designs right from small buti to big buta known as mirch, champakali, dholamaru, amba and jalam.
  3. One design requires 4 different blocks.
  4. Available in red and yellow with black and green background.
  5. Its a 16 step process

Since its inception Nanadana printing restricted to the tribal customer segment only so no development in terms of design and color variations done till date. Now with the intervention of EcoFab it is in the process of rejuvenation.

Traditionally Nandana is linked with not only designs and cumbersome process but also block pattern and tradition.


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