Kalamkari Silk Cotton Dupatta VPSCD001


Product Code VPSCD001
Fabric Handloom silk cotton
Color & Dye Multi color and eco-friendly dyes
Measurements Length: 2.3 meter Width: 36 inches
Craftsman Shri Naveen Reddy
Marketed by EcoFab
Place of making Srikalahashti (Andhra Pradesh)
Weight q180grams
P.S. You may find little difference in original product and picture due to camera quality.

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Vrathapani now known as kalamkari or kalamkari (Srikalahashti style, hand drawn outline with hand painted work using traditional kalam). Ancient name of kalamkari was vrathapani which means story telling through drawing.

Another name was chithrakattis which comprises a group of wanderers including painters, musicians and other artists, who describe the events by narrating stories through their art form. After persian influence vrathapani becomes qalamkari or kalamkari.

Original kalamkari sarees takes more time and quite expensive. In kalamkari from drawing the outline to painting all natural colors used in the process. In pen kalamkari drawing outline is one of the most typical, time consuming, arduous and expensive work. To address the pricing issue now a days artists use screen printing in drawing the outline pattern and then use traditional kalam (Pen Brush) to fill the colors.


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