“Shefalika” Bagh Print Saree – 001


Product Description

Product: Bagh Print Natural dyed Saree

Fabric: Powerloom silk cotton

Dye: Natural/Herbal dyed with Parijaat flower

Length: 6.3 meter

Width: 44 inch

Designed and dyed by: EcoFab

Master Craftsman: Usman Khatri

Craft Place: Bagh Village, Madhya Pradesh

P.S.: You may find little difference in original product and picture due to camera quality.


Bagh Print

Bagh print is one of the famous hand blocks printing art of India, practiced in rural and tribal village “Bagh” situated at the banks of Baghini River. Bagh is a village of Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh. Minerals found in the Baghini river water gave natural/vegetable color more vibrancy and increase its fastness. Due to its local specialty it got geographical indication brand status in the year 2009.


Parijaat Dye

Parijaat or harsingar flowers or night flowering jasmine produces a yellow shade in herbal natural dye. It gave bright shade on cotton and vibrant golden yellow shade on cotton-silk fabric.

It is one of the most precious home grown herbs used for various purposes. It is anti-inflammatory in nature. Whole parts of tree right from its bark, leaves and flowers used as herb to cure different diseases.

It is one of the major sources of yellow natural/herbal dye for us. Fastness of dye is very good and very good for skin too.

It is to be said that it was a heavenly tree and according to “Harivansh Puran” Lord Krishn brought it to the earth for her wife Satyabhama. According to Harivansh Puran it is also known as “Kalpvriksh” or a tree which bear wishes. It is normally grown upto 8-10 meters long and found in almost all of India.


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