Royal Collection

Royal  collection is a section dedicated to rare, museum quality, craft innovation, premium handcrafted & handloom products. It is a section where we showcase master pieces and semi-master pieces products which you will not find easily in the market place. In this section you will also find completely natural/herbal dyed products too.

Today the process of traditional handcrafted work has changed a bit due to the factors like high production cost, labor work and low cost alternatives to the traditional ingredients involved. EcoFab has taken this initiative after researched about old traditional techniques by interacting with many craftsmen.  After days and months spend on interacting with craftsmen, researching and experimenting we revived, innovated and gathered few handcrafted products under royal collection for those craft lovers who wants to keep exclusive and souvenir with them. Some of the products are:


  1. Double sided hand block printed Ajrakh dupatta & lungi 
  2. Al (Morinda tinctoria) roots dyed hand block print Sarees and stoles
  3. Manjishtha (Madder) dyed hand block print Sarees and stoles
  4. Hand block printed Sarees & products dyed with newly found species of morinda tree roots by EcoFab