धरोहर * Natural Dyed Block Print Muslin Cotton Without Blouse Saree

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Product Natural dyed hand block print saree (Deepawali Collection)
Measurements Saree Length: 5.5 meter (Without blouse)
Fabric Handloom muslin cotton
Color Red, black and deep yellow
Dyes used 100% natural/herbal
Designed by EcoFab
Weaving Cluster West Bengal
Master Craftsman Shri Pawan Jhariya (National Awardee)
Place of making Hand block printing: Tarapur (Madhya Pradesh)
P.S. You may find little spots and stains on  Saree.You may find little difference in original product and picture due to camera quality.


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Some 100 years ago every traditional hand block printing center were using roots of Al tree (Morinda tinctoria) or madder roots to get alizarin red color but after introduction of synthetic alizarin in the year 1869 use of natural alizarin sources like madder and al roots decreased due to cumbersome process of hand block printing and cost of production. Today every hand block printing center is using synthetic alizarin to get red color in place of alum printing.

This saree is 100% block printed using “Syahi-Begar” block printing technique which is technically a mordant based block printing work. Mordant is basically a binding agent which helps fabric to absorb and bind the dye to it. “Syahi” is used for iron mordant and “Begar” is used for alum mordant. Iron mordant printed on myrobalan (Harda) dyed fabric to get black color and alum is printed and then dyed with madder to get red shade.

EcoFab after doing so many experiments and research found a formula to extract natural alizarin from madder roots. This saree is gone through the traditional process of hand block printing and dyed with madder formula to get natural red color.

After first dyeing with madder it is again over dyed with pomegranate peel to get yellow shade in the background,


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