नामावली * Heritage Odhni Collection 002



Printing Technique

Dyes Used

Naamavali print handloom dupatta

Syahi-Begar Hand Block Print

Madder, Myrabalan

Measurements Length: 2.3 Meter Width: 44 inch
Fabric Kerala handloom cotton
Place of Printing Tarapur, Madhya Pradesh
Master Craftsman Shri Pawan Jhariya
Designed & Marketed by EcoFab
P.S. You may find little difference in original product and picture due to camera quality.

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नामावली (Naamavali) literally means listing of name. In block printing tradition it was flourished in the early 19th century (With reference to Anokhi literature) when block printers of Sanganer and Bagru print names of God with religious and pious symbols using wooden block on odhni (Dupatta) due to influence of Vaishnava tradition.

Begar (alum paste) was used mainly in the process to keep complete red color but sometimes little syahi (iron rust paste) also used in borders for black color. It was dyed with madder to get red color in place of alum printed on the clothes. It is now a heritage work in the tradition of hand block printing.

Dupattas were printed on cotton clothes and dyed with complete natural dyes. While working with Tarapur printers we observed the similar blocks were also used by them to make such kind of odhni for religious purposes. Priests and religious leaders mainly wore it during prayers or whole day depending upon the occasion.

EcoFab attempted to revive this heritage and tradition again by using 100% natural dyes by using madder and parijaat flower dye in the process.


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