पर्णसूत्र * Ecoprint modal satin fabric 04


Product Ecoprint fabric
Measurements Length: 3.25 Meter Width: 44 inches
Fabric Modal satin
Marketed by EcoFab         EcoPrint by: Pushyamitra
Dye & leaves  used Catechu, madder , Plant based mordant Lodhra, home garden leaves.
P.S. You may find little difference in original product and picture due to camera quality.

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Ecoprint and eco dyeing is a very popular art among Europeans where they print leaves and different parts of flora on paper, silk and other fabrics. EcoFab studied this art through virtual medium and developed its own process which is completely ecofriendly and herbal.

EcoFab has developed its own process of pre-washing of fabric, mordanting, dyeing and printing which is completely eco-friendly and organic.

In this process fabric is first pre washed with soda ash and castor oil. After washing it is pre mordant with alum or myrobalan and then dyed with chosen natural dye. After dyeing various leaves put on the fabric and bundled then after steamed for an hour to get the impression.
After steaming it is unwrapped, washed with water and product is ready.


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