पीताम्बरी * Bagh Print Maheshwari Dupatta 02




Printing Technique/Dyes Used

Natural dyed Bagh print dupatta

Mordant printing/Morinda roots, Myrabalan

Measurements Length: 2.45 Meter Width: 36 inch
Fabric Handwoven Maheshwari Silk by Cotton
Place of Printing Bagh, Madhya Pradesh
Master Craftsman Ayyub Khatri
Designed & Marketed by EcoFab
P.S. You may find little difference in original product and picture due to camera quality.


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Bagh print is one of the famous hand blocks printing craft of India, practiced and developed in tribal village “Bagh” situated at the banks of Baghini River. Minerals found in the Baghini river water gave natural color more vibrancy and increase its fastness. Due to its local specialty it got geographical indicated brand status in the year 2009.

EcoFab with its constant experimentation and research found a new species of tree roots bark used as a source of natural dye to get the beautiful hue of yellow in place of alum printed in hand block printing.

Hand block printers from Bagh were known as alizarin printers because of use of alizarin in the process but today they are famous as Bagh printers due to geographical uniqueness associated with the craft. In 2009 it got geographical indication from the government of India.

Traditionally a combination of two colors red and black is used in printing. First alum (Occurs red in place of alum when dyed with alizarin) to get red and natural black is printed. To get the red color from alizarin dye alum is printed as a mordant. Black colour is prepared by keeping corrosion of iron with jaggery solution in a pot for 10-15 days. Now a day readily available “Kashish” made from iron rust is also used to increase the fastness of black color. Few decades back natural alizarin were used extracted from the roots of “Al” tree but today synthetic alizarin replaced the natural one.


Ecofab discovered a different species of morinda family tree roots a source of natural morindin to get yellow color in Bagh printing. This dupatta is dyed with morinda family tree roots bark a 100% natural/herbal dye.


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