Bagh Print Mulberry Silk Manjishtha Dyed Saree 08



Product Bagh Print Saree with blouse
Measurements Length:6.4 Meter Width: 46 inches
Fabric 2 ply Premium Indian mulberry silk (Handwoven in a handloom cluster of West Bengal)
Dyes Used Natural dyes extracted from Manjishtha roots and myrobalan etc.
Master Craftsman Ayyub Khatri
Designed by EcoFab
Place of making Bagh & Indore (Madhya Pradesh)
  1. You may find little difference in original product and picture due to camera quality.
  2. Blouse and accessories worn by model is not included with the saree.

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Traditional hand block printing is practiced at very few places in India, and Bagh is one of such village of Madhya Pradesh. Bagh is a village of Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh. After late Martand Singh gave Bagh printer name to the hand block printers of Bagh, since then they are known as “Bagh Printers” to the world. Bagh print is now  geographical indication protected craft known for its vibrant red and maroon shade achieved due to the local river water.

Technical name of Bagh print is “Syahi Begar Print”. “Syahi” means dense black and begar means red or maroon.

Two mordant (Colour binder) are used to get the red and black color in the hand block printing process. To get the black color jiggery powder and iron rust solution mixed with tamarind seed powder printed on harad (myrabalan) dyed base, and to get red color a paste known as “Begar” prepared by mixing alum with tamarind seed powder or gum Arabica and printed as mordant and then dyed with manjishtha roots or aal roots as a natural dye source or alizarin as synthetic source of red color. In last 60 years traditional craftsman adopted the synthetic source of red color known “Alizarin”. In past to get natural red color roots of Aal (Morinda tinctoria) tree or manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia) plant were used.

At EcoFab we have revived the use of manjishtha or Indian madder as a source of natural red color in the traditional hand block printing process.

This saree is completely dyed with natural and herbal dyes.

About EcoFab

EcoFab is a first generation enterprise born out of a thesis based on the marketing on rural hand block print fabrics in the year 2016. Since inception it started promoting the fine handcrafted textile by adopting “know your product” and “know your source” policy to aware customer what they are buying and from whom they are buying.

The major focus of EcoFab is to revive the ancient natural cum herbal dyes and innovate the new ecofriendly techniques in the Indian handcrafted textile.


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