Ecoprint Handloom Mulberry Silk Saree – PSS012



roduct Ecoprint Saree with blouse
Measurements Length: 6.30 Meter Width: 46 inches  
Fabric Mulberry silk  (Handwoven in a cluster of Madhya Pradesh)
Produced & Marketed by EcoFab
Dye & leaves  used Local foliage and natural dyes.
Ecoprint by Pushyamitra
  1. You may find little difference in original product and picture due to camera quality.
  2. Blouse and accessories worn by model is not included with the saree.
  3. You find irregularities of dyeing due to handwork.


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Ecoprint or botanical printing is getting popular in India. It is a very popular art among Europeans where they print plant leaves and different parts of flora on paper, leather, ceramic and different textile base.

Europeans & Australian designers developed this art of printing leaves on fabrics and then it get popularized by many passionate eco-printers around the world.

EcoFab has developed its own process of scouring of fabric, mordanting, dyeing and printing which is completely eco-friendly and organic.

In this process fabric is first scoured with “Aritha” fruit (soapnut) or a solution of soda ash and castor oil. After scouring it is pre mordant with alum or symplocos (Lodhra) and then dyed with chosen natural dye. After dyeing various leaves put on the fabric and bundled then after steamed for an hour to get the impression.
After steaming it is unwrapped, washed with water and product is ready.

Washing Instructions:

1. Hand Wash or cold water wash.
2. Dark colors may bleed, should be washed separately
3. Natural detergents like ‘Aritha” or “Ritha” powder recommended. Baby shampoo or PH neutral soap works well
4. Do not scrub
5. No bleaching
6. Dry reverse or in shade
7. Do not use hot water in washing process

8.We do not recommend dry clean as its results were not satisfactory.


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