अधुना * Tarapur Print Lugda Fabric 07


Product Tarapur Print Fabric (Running material)
Fabric Poplin (Thick) Cotton
Measurements Length: 2.6 meter Width: 55 inch
Master Craftsman Shri Pawan Jhariya (National Award Winner)
Concept and Designed by EcoFab
Genre Unisex (For both women & men)
P.S. You may find little difference in original product and picture due to camera quality.

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Tarapur Print 

Tarapur print is a combination of mordant (Syahi-Begar) block printing technique and resist block printing technique i.e. dabu print. Mordant or syahi-begar technique involves printing of two kind of mordants iron rust water and alum is printed on myrobalan dyed fabric to get black from iron rust and red in place of alum printed part after dyeing with alizarin (Synthetic version of red natural dye) or manjishtha (Indian madder) roots.

After this process is completed fabric is washed, dried and again printed with resist paste made from mud, gum and lime. This process is also known as Dabu print. This resist paste keep the base as it is by protecting it from the next step of dyeing. In this process mostly cold dyes like indigo (Today synthetic version of indigo is used), pomegranate peel and kashish (Ferrous sulphate + myrobalan) are used to get various shades.

After printing and dyeing from chosen dye fabric is washed and then it is ready.


Tarapur Print Lugda Fabric 

Traditional Jawariya design inspired from sorghum seeds used in making lugda a kind of traditional attire for tribal bride used to wear on wedding day. Jawariya is a symbol of prosperity and fertility. It is traditionally complete red block printed on coarse cotton (Today 40 count powerloom fabric is used).
This traditional thick yet soft lugda also used as a fabric to create kurta or jacket by urban customers.
Few years ago this traditional lugda design converted into fancy or urbane clothing like sarees, bed sheets, stoles, dupatta and running fabrics to increase its market reach.
Traditionally it was made complete red but later on combination of red & black and complete black is also used in creating sarees and other products.
Now Jhariya brother and EcoFab developed this traditonal syahi begar print jawariya lugda into Tarapur print fabric by combining syahi begar and dabu print technique.


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